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Table 4 Modified Buchanan bleeding score [6]

From: ESPED survey on newly diagnosed immune thrombocytopenia in childhood: how much treatment do we give?

0 None No new hemorrhage of any kind
1 Minor Few petechiae (≤ 100 total) and/or ≤ 5 small bruises (≤ 3 cm diameter), no mucosal bleeding
2 Mild Many petechiae (> 100 total) and/or > 5 large bruises (> 3 cm diameter)
3 Moderate
Low risk
Blood crusting in nares, painless oral purpura, oral/palatal petechiae, buccal purpura along molars only, mild epistaxis ≤ 5 min
High risk
Epistaxis > 5 min, hematuria, hematochezia, painful oral purpura, significant menorrhagia
4 Severe Mucosal bleeding or suspected internal hemorrhage (brain, lung, muscle, joint etc.) that requires immediate medical attention or intervention
5 Life threatening/fatal Documented intracranial hemorrhage or life threatening or fatal hemorrhage at any site