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Table 2 Biomarker studies of human blood serum and plasma

From: Are microRNAs suitable biomarkers of immunity to tuberculosis?

Study Study type Study group sizes Upregulated Downregulated Overlap of differentially expressed miRNAs
Abd-El-Fattah et al. 2013 [23] Custom array for unspecified number of miRNAs (single samples) 29 TB, 37 healthy controls (no definition) miR-182 miR-197   miR-197
Qi et al. 2012 [22] Array for 667 miRNAs (pooled for study groups) 30 TB, 65 healthy controls (negative chest X-ray and IGRA, free from clinical symptoms of infection) miR-361-5p miR-889 miR-576-3p  
miR-25 miR-590-5p miR-885-5p
Miotto et al. 2013 [24] Array for 671 miRNAs (pools of 10 individuals) 154 pulmonary TB, 105 healthy controls (negative IGRA or TST, no risk-factors for LTBI, no clinically significant condition) over 2 cohorts miR-148a miR-16 miR-192 miR-193a-5p miR-25 miR-365 miR-451 miR-532-5p miR-590-5p miR-660 miR-885-5p miR-223a miR-30e let-7e miR-146
Fu et al. 2011 [20] Array for 1,223 miRNAs (pooled for study groups) 75 TB, 52 healthy controls (defined as `free of active and latent TB') miR-93a
miR-483-5p miR-22
Zhang et al. 2013 [25] Deep sequencing (20 individual samples for each group) 128 pulmonary TB, 108 healthy controls (no definition) miR-378 miR-483-5p miR-22 miR-29c miR-101 miR-320b
  1. TB tuberculosis, LTBI latently M. tuberculosis-infected, TSTneg tuberkulin skin test negative individuals, miRNAs microRNAs.
  2. aIndicates a mature miRNA species found at low levels from the opposite arm of a pre-miRNA hairpin.